Outlaw Feed, LLC

Contact: Jesse Krebs (Owner)

P.O. Box 485 · South St. Paul, MN 55075 Map this

Phone: 612-465-0417

Are you looking to get that “show” shine with your horse’s coat? Is your horse a working or performance horse or just one that could use a little joint relief? Would you like to enhance the hoof strength of your horse? Does your horse suffer from colic or other digestive issues? Are you looking for something 100% natural to help in these areas? Feeding Omega-3 packed flax to your horse has shown to help with all of these and more, and it’s 100% natural. Outlaw Feed is a small MN-based company and can help. We’ve taken the mess out of grinding your own flax and unlocked those powerful essential fatty acids from the inside of the seed converting into a more palatable and digestible format. We offer 50lb ($55/bag), 25lb ($35/bag), and 10lb ($25/bag) bags of “cold milled” flax for horses and it is naturally stabilized with a shelf life of 18+ months. Visit and like us at www.facebook.com/outlawfeed and order online at www.Outlaw-Feed.com. We can ship direct to your doorstep or you can arrange to have it ready for you at one of our pick-up locations.


Website: Outlaw Feed, LLC

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