SDF Ranch

Contact: Sara Froslie (Owner)

2953 210th St · Rothsay, MN 56579 Map this

Phone: 218-242-4243

SDF Ranch offers Outdoor Boarding, Equine Sports Massage and specializes in Colt Starting. Located on the beautiful outskirts of the Red River Valley in Rothsay, Minnesota and only 25 mins away from Maplewood State Park. Owned and operated by Sara Froslie and her husband Derek. Here at the Ranch we treat each and every horse that comes in as if they were our own and strive to not only be here for the horses, but to work together with the owners. All the horses that come to the ranch are exposed to a variety of lifestyle settings from dogs, cats, chickens, cattle, farm machinery, etc... Colt Starting:We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work with multiple local trainers from near and far to improve daily on new training techniques, ones that will work for the individual horse because there isn't one specific training technique that will work for every horse. With that being said, SDF Ranch welcomes all breeds as well! Massage is also incorporated into the Training program to aid in the training results!Outdoor Boarding:There is a limited room for outdoor boarding, but please do not be afraid to ask! We just might have an open spot!Equine Sports Massage:Certified through Armstrong Equine Massage LLC in March 2015 and accepting new clients! Massage can benefit all varieties and breeds of horses, from performance or trail to stall bound/injured and colic. Massage stimulates blood flow throughout the entire body, prevents atrophy, and aiding and maintaining in muscle strength. If you are interested in a massage appointment for your furry friend give us a call - willing to travel! If you need transportation for training we are willing to pick up/drop off for an additional cost.




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