The Winged Hoof

Contact: Jamie Olsen (Owner)

764 County Road 39 NE · Monticello, MN 55362 Map this

Phone: 763-355-4698

I am a Natural/Barefoot Hoof Care practitioner and have been studying and practicing the barefoot trim for more than 5 years. I do not follow any particular discipline, but rather have developed an integrated approach as a result of taking my education and experience into the field for practical application based on the teachings of Pete Ramey, Jaime Jackson, Gene Ovnicek, James Welz and several others. I specialize in helping the horse owner grow healthy well-connected hooves and have tremendous success with laminitis recovery and an alternative approach to navicular syndrome. I am reliable and responsive and have a tremendous dedication and love for the horses. I can also help with training/relationship issues. I currently care for over 200 horses. I am a distributor for Ansur Saddlery and Cavallo, Inc. hoof boots. Barefoot hoof care; hoof trimming; farrier; navicular recovery; laminitis; equine soundness; lameness rehabilitation; equine nutrition;




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