Great Prairie Foods

Contact: Todd J. McIntyre (Owner)

10990 40th Place North · Minneapolis, MN 55441 Map this

Phone: 763-744-1111

Fax: 763-744-1112

Profits from the sale of Great Prairie Foods funds the programming and development of the Great Prairie Equestrian Center which will be a regional training center for the United States Equestrian Federation and USA Pentathlon.Great Prairie Foods currently offers the following products for sale:Great Prairie Guatemala Roast Coffee - 1 pound bag of whole beans, shade grown at elevation, procured directly from a farming coop in Guatemala and roasted in Minnesota. This medium roast coffee provides a remarkable, robust flavor with no bitter aftertaste.Great Prairie Extra Virgin Olive Oil - available in 1 liter and 250 ml bottles (250 ml bottles for a limited time but would make a great stocking stuffer); while most people believe that Italy produces the most olive oil, Spain is actually the world's leading producer of olive oil. Great Prairie Extra Virgin Olive Oil is grown in and imported from California! To be considered "Extra Virgin" the olive oil needs to have an acidity level of 1.0 or less. Great Prairie Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been measured at .2. It's very smooth and mild and doesn't have that thick, medicinal, bitter bite present in most olive oils. It's first cold pressed within hours of harvest.


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