Nickers to Nuzzles

Contact: Signe (Sig) (Owner)

14131 Jardin Aveune No. · Hugo, MN 55038 Map this

Phone: 612-669-7863

Nickers to Nuzzles is owned and operated by Signe(Sig) Markell who believes that horse wellness both physically and emotionally is key to building a strong partnership for performance in any discipline or just a loving companion. Trained in the Masterson Method of equine performance bodywork, horses will experience a loving groom with essential oils that prepare them for a relaxing massage that is guided by their response.Following subtle signs given by the horse, gentle pressure is applied allowing them to release tension and stress in key junctions of the body. Very reasonable prices and packages for multiple horses in the present economy.For more info on the Masterson Method of bodywork check out www.


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