Bountiful Bedding

Contact: Shelly Haugen (Owner)

4424 155th Ave NE · Ham Lake, MN 55304 Map this

Phone: 763-785-2111

Secondary Phone: 612-267-4930

Rice hull bedding for all livestock bedding needs. The benefits of rice hull stall bedding are extensive...It keeps horses dry and clean. The horses don't get covered in dust or inhale it constantly. Rice hull bedding offers therapeutic qualities also. Since it feels like a mattress, horses lie down more, promoting a more rested body, which in turn promotes a healthier horse. Because it is non-abrasive, sores or sore muscles begin healing, hock sores become non-existent, and horses' hooves stay in good shape. It stays brighter longer in the stalls than other products. It is lighter to sift when cleaning stalls. This bedding is very popular with poultry producers also.


Website: Bountiful Bedding

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